From the place we’re sitting, the universe is a giant, easy expanse stuffed with big stars and planets. After we use essentially the most highly effective measurement instruments we have now, to zoom in as shut as we probably can in hopes of seeing what’s holding all of it collectively, it nonetheless seems to be like a clean canvas. However, mathematically, this merely doesn’t make sense. One thing should be lacking.

Some physicists imagine that we’d discover quantum foam – an infinite expanse of subatomic spacetime bubbles – if we might dial our cosmic microscopes in shut sufficient.

From a dozen or so ft up within the air, a path of marching ants seems to be like a crooked black line. Get slightly nearer and also you may discover that the “line” is in fixed movement. Zoom in a bit extra and you may see the person ants marching alongside. Transfer even nearer and also you’ll see the bugs’ segmented our bodies, six legs, antennae, mandible, and different options. The nearer you get, the extra complicated the thing turns into. Scientists imagine our view of the universe works in an identical manner.

Quantum mechanics seeks to offer a unified idea to clarify why the universe is increasing, how gravity works, and what’s actually occurring beneath the hood. However most of it nonetheless stays theoretical because of the problem of observing the ‘hidden’ options of the universe. With regards to the quantum-scale world, it’s like we’re watching a military of ants march alongside a forest ground from the window of an airplane in flight.

Physicists are likely to agree that the universe is increasing, and that its growth has accelerated because the Large Bang. These information flip some lengthy standing theories on their ear. Researchers have posited the whole lot from theories involving elastic ‘strings‘ that stretch because the universe expands to wacky speculation that invoke a number of universes, however on the core of most unified theories is the concept some form of invisible or hidden darkish matter and darkish vitality should exist.

Because it seems, the multiverse theories is perhaps extra grounded in actuality than among the extra severe ones.

The quantum foam idea has been round since 1955 when physicist John Wheeler got here up with it, but it surely’s seeing a resurgence in 2019. Fashionable researchers sense we could also be closing in on the expertise we’ll want to really observe and measure darkish vitality (or regardless of the universe is manufactured from).

The spacetime foam explanation for darkish vitality mainly says that the area in between standard matter is occupied by bubbles that work like darkish matter. They maintain the classical matter and vitality within the universe from turning into ubiquitous – not less than theoretically.

What’s astonishing is that, in accordance with the research, these bubbles have their very own continuum. They’re self-contained universes. Time doesn’t need to work the identical manner inside these bubbles as a result of, for the needs of this idea and attributable to an idea referred to as entropy, the ‘arrow of time‘ isn’t essential to clarify the quantum world. 

For those who have been a subatomic piece of darkish matter caught in a spacetime foam bubble, you may expertise time backwards, sideways, or under no circumstances. Darkish vitality must work other than our classical mannequin of thermodynamics, whereas concurrently accepting the elements of it we contemplate immutable. Spacetime foam, theoretically, accomplishes this. It’s a possible piece of proof in direction of a ‘grand theory of everything.’

If that doesn’t boggle your thoughts, contemplate this: if spacetime foam is actual, and scientists can show it exists, such information would drive us to contemplate that our personal universe could also be nothing more than a tiny bubble in another person’s universe that might pop at any second.

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