Analysts have reportedly found the supply of the sextortion emails that’ve plagued the web since final yr  those that demand Bitcoin BTC or else they’ll leak movies of you masturbating to kinky pornography.

Motive Cybersecurity researchers dubbed the malware Save Yourself, as recipients usually obtain the bogus emails from senders like “[email protected]

The emails state that harmful malware has contaminated the recipient’s machine, however Motive discovered this isn’t the case.

As an alternative, the agency found the malware forcing gadgets to behave as blackmail proxies is additionally secretly mining privacy-focused cryptocurrency Monero, with all funds generated going straight the attackers.

Save Your self cleaners are spreading extra malware

The agency was clear to level out that receiving the Bitcoin sextortion e-mail doesn’t mechanically imply an infection, simply that the recipient’s e-mail deal with has been uncovered in a password dump.

Researchers sarcastically discovered, nevertheless, that many websites providing merchandise to supposedly take away the Save Your self malware have been really peddling malware.