Bungalo, a real-estate agency, earlier this week debuted a brand new, inclusive advertising marketing campaign aimed toward giving peace of thoughts to potential owners afraid of shopping for a haunted home.

As a result of “shopping for a house shouldn’t be scary,” Bungalo’s gone by means of the difficulty of getting all of its house listings within the Charlotte, North Carolina space inspected by skilled paranormal investigators.

We checked by means of a bunch of Bungalo’s online home listings and, certain sufficient, when you join an account to realize entry to the paperwork related to the houses listed you may view a magical inspection report.

So what does a magical investigation include? A $260 ghost-detecting teddy bear and debunked nonsense about EVPs (ghost noises), principally. However, within the spirit of Halloween, we’ll indulge the pseudoscience. Since you by no means know when the unimaginable would possibly turn into actuality.

The ghost hunters liable for making certain that five-bedroom four-bath colonial isn’t raging with demonic forces from the different aspect are from the Carolina Paranormal Unit. The group’s website is a chunk of artwork.

Certain we all know ghosts don’t exist, however do we actually know that ghosts don’t exist? What if scientists at MIT’s secret underground ghost-hunting facility (you recognize it’s there Dean Chandrakasan, cease avoiding my emails) lastly proved that poltergeists have been actual? Should you have been about to sink your life’s financial savings into a brand new house for your loved ones, wouldn’t you wish to know if it was haunted?

To this point, all of the listings we’ve checked out have been declared freed from evil spirits.

H/t: Charlotte Observer

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