What if I informed you that there’s a good probability you might be carrying a parasite that’s transmitted by means of cat poo? Two billion individuals around the globe carry Toxoplasma gondii so there could also be greater than a 25 p.c probability that it’s in your physique too.

Toxoplasma is intently associated to Plasmodium, the parasite that causes malaria. However whereas Plasmodium is sort of fussy about the place it lives, solely capable of survive in liver cells and then in red blood cells, Toxoplasma doesn’t a lot care. It muscle mass its manner into nearly any kind of cell.

Nevertheless it’s additionally very exhausting to isolate Toxoplasma from the cells that it infects. So I’m looking for a way to extend the quantity of Toxoplasma parasite in samples. It will permit scientists to have higher high quality samples to research how the parasite spreads and search for ways to treat it.

In some components of Europe, such as France, round 50% of the inhabitants play host to the parasite. As soon as contaminated, you’ll by no means eliminate your new silent buddy. However people will not be really the parasite’s pure host. Usually it cycles between cats – each home and wild – and the animals they eat.

Cats launch the equal of Toxoplasma eggs, often called oocysts, of their faeces. These oocysts can wait within the floor for a few years earlier than they’re picked up by animals corresponding to mice, birds and even crocodiles. Of their new host, the oocysts breed and transfer by means of the physique and search for a cell to make their new house. There they may wait quietly for years, till their host is eaten by a cat. As soon as inside their ultimate host, the parasite wakes up once more and begins dividing.

It’s not solely by means of cat faeces that humans can become infected, nevertheless. In reality, the most typical technique of an infection is through consuming undercooked or rare meat containing the parasite. An infection may also occur within the womb, or by means of an organ transplant from an contaminated particular person.


At worst, a typical Toxoplasma an infection (often called toxoplasmosis) appears like a lightweight flu. The parasite doesn’t need to kill its intermediate host (us) in spite of everything. It’s solely when the oocyst begins to falter – when it could not get into its ultimate host – that it turn into harmful.

It may be notably harmful for a girl to get toxoplasmosis throughout being pregnant. A creating toddler is protected solely by its moms’ antibodies that cross the placenta. However the mom’s T cells (the physique’s handiest weapons towards micro organism and parasites) can’t cross into the fetus. It is because T cells would act as if the creating little one had been an enormous parasite and destroy it.

Maternal antibodies do an excellent job towards a flu virus, however can’t protect against Toxoplasma. For Toxoplasma, the fetus would want its personal inflammatory T cells to drive the parasites again into their oocysts. However fetuses don’t have their very own T cells both. So if the parasite managed to move from mom to child it could reproduce extensively and multiply till it prompted mind injury.

Investigating results

As a result of this distinctive conduct, Toxoplasma has been widely investigated by parasitologists, biologists and psychiatrists. Researchers have discovered that the Toxoplasma parasites could affect human behavior and personality, for instance. Research have additionally instructed a hyperlink with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

Further research has also shown that contaminated males generally tend to ignore guidelines, and that they’re extra suspicious and jealous. In girls, the shift in these two components is the other. They look like extra warm-hearted, outgoing and easygoing than girls with out the parasite.

One other study discovered that college students contaminated with Toxoplasma had been 40 p.c extra prone to main in enterprise at college, and 70 p.c extra prone to emphasize “administration and entrepreneurship” of their enterprise research.

Whereas scientists are at the moment looking for out extra about how the parasite impacts individuals, nevertheless, they face a essential downside. It is rather troublesome to isolate Toxoplasma from human DNA, and the parasite can solely develop inside different dwelling cells. So in contrast to micro organism, it can’t be simply cultured within the lab.

As well as, in contrast to many different disease-causing microbes, Toxoplasma is often present in very low numbers inside scientific samples. So when a pattern is purified, the overwhelming majority of DNA in it’ll come from the affected person somewhat than the parasite.

My present analysis is targeted on growing the variety of parasites to acquire top quality samples. It might sound counter-intuitive to attempt to improve the quantity of parasites, however it will be significant that we get numerous them in numerous samples for comparability. To amplify the goal Toxoplasma’s DNA, I’m utilizing a brand new method known as selective whole genome amplification to extend the variety of parasites in a pattern greater than 100 instances.

My final goal is to investigate the parasite’s DNA and evaluate samples discovered within the UK with samples from throughout Europe and around the globe. It will hopefully make clear what the widespread sources of an infection are within the UK inhabitants, and enhance our understanding of the epidemiology and virulence of this essential human pathogen. And can help in developing new treatments, strategies of surveillance and techniques to cease individuals getting contaminated.

This text is republished from The Conversation by Justyna Anna Nalepa-Grajcar, PhD Researcher, Aberystwyth University underneath a Artistic Commons license. Learn the original article.

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